What All Grammy Nominees Have in Common

Published 13 Feb, 2019

This week everyone is talking about the Grammy Awards. When you see the performances, listen to the music and watch the acceptance speeches, you realize that a lot of hard work (and a tiny bit of luck) has gone into getting here.

Google any nominee, read their bio, and you will almost always find the story of a kid who was inspired by music from an early age and whose creativity and talent just longed to be developed.

Often, if they get lucky, a support network comes into the picture - helpful parents, a dedicated music teacher, or a community where playing and performing music is part of daily life. Sometimes, it's a lonely tale where our hero fights all odds to be able to play. Occasionally, you will stumble upon some late bloomers.

Apart from an endless love for music, there is always one trait that everyone has in common - relentlessly following their talent. 

That includes not taking 'no' for an answer, practicing on trains, hallways, finding a way into a studio, performing anywhere they can, taking on odd jobs to support themselves while pitching for a big break...musicians are a tough bunch beneath all of that sparkle. No room for divas here ;)

We were at Carnegie Hall this week, supporting Igudesman & Joo and our extended Music Traveler family member, Yuja Wang. It’s gotten to a point where it really feels like family - everyone does their bit to support the show, each other and the business. A practice room was easy to find. The team got together, made plans, held meetings and had tons of fun. It was a night to remember and a sold-out Carnegie Hall. The performance was amazing, made everyone laugh and performed with such ease, that it’s easy to forget about the hours of practice that went into it. But we know.

In every performer there is a child who poured their soul into becoming who they are. 

It’s the late night practice sessions, music lessons, writing songs in their room with a guitar, learning the drums from the cool neighbour next door, performing at the local talent show or school play, tons of practice and having the grit and resilience of a kid on a mission - which is almost a supernatural force in itself -  that adds up to one day being able to walk on a stage and blow the house down. 

We want to be part of that journey.

In New York this Monday, we knew that a tiny part of the work we do had led to this being able to happen. Wherever Yuja and Igudesman & Joo went, we were there to help find a place to practice. 

Let Music Traveler a part of your musical journey too - if you want to give the gift of music, book a room. Go practice. Believe in your unique talent and find out where it leads you. We are a friend helping you along the way. Finding a space to play will be easy, you have to do the rest. Excited? Go play.


*Cheers to Natalie Rhea Riggs for the photo.