Music: The One True Love We All Find

Published 20 Feb, 2019

Last week was all about Valentines Day, which got us thinking about how much we love music. When you observe little kids listening to music, it quickly becomes clear that music is in all of us.  How you develop your gift for music depends on a number of different factors, but we all have one thing in common: we are all 'born with it'

Do you remember when you first consciously discovered music?

Was is a song on the radio? A melody you suddenly became aware of? Was it a rhythm that made you want to dance? Or the power of an electric guitar that was too good to be true? 

Everyone has a favourite record, song, a piece of music strongly tied to memory - we grow up with music. We become daydreamers and time travellers - able to listen to wondrous pieces written centuries ago, or last summers #no 1. Our mind drifts and we ascend to a different level of awareness. It's captivating and highly addictive.

Music will end up forming a huge part of who you are. 

Who you become will be influenced by your taste in music and the people you connect with based on that. With so many genres and artists to choose from, this world is one of seemingly infinite colours.

Whether you actually end up playing an instrument depends on having access to one. We are very passionate about this and believe that this should be available to everyone. Finding 'the one' instrument that you fall in love with and that fits your musical talent and personality can be life-changing. Don’t fall for the old age myth - this is something that you can try out at any point in your life. Many people opt out of larger instruments, like a piano, since it seems out of reach, but we strongly disagree. Take a look at our Music Traveler spaces and you will find many beautiful locations with quality instruments. Many of these rooms can also be booked for singing, string rehearsals, ensembles…and a lot of them are soundproof and perfect for gigs. 

Life is better with music. #letmusichappen



* Cheers to Mike Giles for the cover photo.