Why Music is Really Good for You

Published 06 Feb, 2019

Music is probably the closest thing we have to a universal language and is definitely something that brings us all together. But apart from making everybody happy, music has some proven health benefits and can be a great way to boost your emotional wellness. So you might want to book a Music Traveler room next to your gym or yoga studio for a completely holistic approach to your well-being ;)

Feel like taking a deep dive into the effects of music on your brain? Watch this fascinating TedEd video by Anita Collins:

Any musician will tell you that the feeling after a jam or concert is electrifying.

Recently, we came across this article by Eric W. Dolan for Psypost “Listening to the music you love will make your brain release more dopamine”. It is  based on a recent study that explores the connection between dopamine and how music is experienced.

In a nutshell, “…listening to the music you love will make your brain release more dopamine, a crucial neurotransmitter for humans’ emotional and cognitive functioning”. So, If you feel like ramping up your dopamine, music can help.

Do you get the chills from listening to your favourite music?

Maybe your brain is more unique than you think - check out this article and listen to the podcast found on Neuroscience News to find out why. 

Added perks of picking up an instrument include social benefits, enhancing memory, feelings of happiness, a sense of fulfilment, belonging to a community, developing motor skills, boosted creativity…feeling inspired? Go play.