Why John Malkovich - & Every Musician on the Planet - Needs Music Traveler

Published 03 Jul, 2018


Why John Malkovich — & Every Musician on the Planet — Needs Music Traveler


Published 03 Jul 2018

It’s really quite remarkable that in today’s world there was no simple way of getting a practice space — until Music Traveler. Even Hollywood has problems.


Most musicians report that trying to find practice spaces is one of the most frustrating tasks that they will go through after university and while traveling to different countries. Music teachers are also often faced with a multitude of problems when trying to find a space to teach, as many families don’t own grand pianos and living circumstances do now always allow for making music. In many cities, people rent apartments and poor insulation or trouble with neighbors can be a huge setback. Making music should be easy.

So what makes a good practice session?

We talked to many professionals, students, and event hobby musicians and it all came down to a couple of interesting facts:

1. What musicians really need are light, airy comfortable spaces for optimum practice — no one likes a gloomy basement. So unless it’s a cool studio or a nicely insulated percussion room, nice and bright is the way to go.

2. Location plays a huge role; since so many of us are constantly on the move, finding a convenient practice space nearby is essential. Which is why we have maps that show you a selection of spaces close to you.

3. Flexible time management is crucial — concert, tour and teaching schedules stress the need for spontaneous practice slots. Being able to book by the hour is what makes Music Traveler so easy to use — no long term commitments and no hassles. Carpe diem.

4. Pianists and percussion players need spaces with instruments — obviously. Music Traveler offers a range of rooms with excellent pianos, our partners our Steinway & Sons, and we also offer a number of sound-proofed practice spaces for percussionists, including instruments. Need a marimba? We got you.

5. Here is one for the nerds: playing in different surroundings is beneficial when practicing and preparing for a concert. Our range of spaces means that you can choose from private rooms, concert halls with great acoustics and studios for your pre-concert run through. Some hosts will also allow guests, so you can invite your friends and stimulate a real concert setting. Fancy doing an impromptu jam on a Tuesday in your fancy outfit? No problem.

No excuses — go practice. Have fun. Create. Play.