Benefits of Being a Music Traveler Host

Published 02 Jul, 2018

"Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it."  Lou Rawls

There are many benefits of being a Music Traveler host; as well as supporting the music community while boosting your income, here are some of our favourites:

The magic of live music is captivating

Imagine having a professional pianist turn up on your doorstep, come in and practice for a few hours while you enjoy the music. Sound like your cup of tea? Keep reading.

As well as supporting your local music community, many travelling musicians are happy to find a practice space when they are on tour. If you don’t have piano, but always wanted to have one, get in touch with our team: we have special deals for Music Traveler hosts through our partners, Steinway & Sons in Vienna. 

Of course, not all Music Traveler spaces need to have pianos or, in fact, any other instruments. Any room that is suitable for musicians to play in can be on Music Traveler - many musicians, such as string players,  don’t necessarily need a piano since they already have their instrument with them and will be happy to be able to book practice slots in a nice light room where they can get some quality rehearsal time. 

Meeting Musicians is the New Black

Opening the door to music can be very enriching, especially if you enjoy meeting new people and being part of an upcoming and exciting new community.

Since you can accept or deny bookings, you are always have full control about who comes to your home and every booking through Music Traveler is insured through our insurance partners. You can mention and manage any special rules, such as bathroom availability, in the room description on Music Traveler. As a host, you are free to set your rental times and chose the prices that best suit you.  While there are no are no limits on rental times and rates, we do suggest offering suitable times and fair rates so that you get the most out of being a host. Remember that Music Traveler is a new concept and that many musicians will be loyal customers once they find a great practice space.

Spice Up Your Business

Listing your studio on Music Traveler not only adds to your digital presence, but also lets musicians know that you have practice spaces up for rent.

Many musicians or formations such as rock/pop bands will appreciate a studio setting for their weekly jams, especially if you are able to offer practice slots in the evenings or 24 hour rehearsal possibilities. Being on Music Traveler has the advantage of opening up your business to a range of musicians from different genres, so you get a diverse, fresh audience.

If this all wasn’t enough to convince you, here's a final note:

 Check out Yuja Wang having fun above and book that space, which features a gorgeous Steinway in an inspiring setting in the heart of Vienna's 1st district.

Join Music Traveler. Earn Some Money. Enjoy the Music.

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