Open letter from the Music Traveler Team

Written by Music Traveler

Published 01 Mar, 2021

Dear Friends, 

From the beginning, we at Music Traveler have worked hard to break barriers in the music industry and have been proactive in our belief that being paid for performances should not be an afterthought. As such, today we are proud to introduce MusicTraveler.TV, a quality entertainment provider that brings the power of musical performances to home audiences without diminishing power from the performers. 

You are very likely aware of the extent to which Covid-19 has already sparked digital initiatives such as home concerts, online music festivals and temporary access to premium streaming services. However admirable these activities may be, they do not represent sustainable solutions for those who depend on the performing arts for their livelihoods. 

In these times where the shifts towards ‘free and open’ content has been threatening to undermine the time artists put into their work, Music Traveler’s daily communication with artists and creative communities has served us to pave the way in developing solutions that connect artists and their audiences while empowering performers. That is why we’ve built a user-friendly platform where artists charge ticket fees for audiences to stream their content. It’s a great way for artists to gain publicity, monetize performances or to raise money for charitable causes.

MusicTraveler.TV therefore provides a viable alternative to streaming services which pay only a fraction of one cent per stream or indeed no revenue whatsoever for an artist's work! From reaching new audiences to facilitating fundraisers for philanthropic causes and grassroots initiatives -  we will further listen, evolve and work with our communities in our cultural industry. MusicTraveler.TV is for anyone interested in discovering and enjoying quality music and artists who want to promote their talent instead of giving it away for free.  

With Love, 

The Music Traveler Team