Written by Music Traveler

Published 15 Jan, 2021

Mix a hint of scotish melancholy with the spiritual optimism it takes to succeed as a busker, add in a touch of Sharon Van Etten and 70s nostalgia for good measure and you get Alisa and the Seahorses, the indie folk project project of Edinburgh native Ailsa McEwan. McEwan released the 4 track EP “In the Center of Everything”, while she was still living in Scotland and has since been recording and collaborating with other artists in Berlin where she’s been reshaping her style with songs like “Stolen Melody”, a version of which was recorded in 2020 in Music Traveler space in Berlin with Kiremico Session.  

“I love playing in venues and street music will forever hold a special play in my heart.” 


McEwan describes her new single “That Old Moon” as “probably the happiest thing I’ve ever done.” The new sound is representative of the direction her collaboration with Icelandic singer-songwriter Breazy Daze (Andri Jónsson) has nudged her music, working as the producer of her recent releases. 

“There’s a big charm to lofi, but I’m going towards a more full band sound with electric guitar drums and bass.”

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