MT User Stories: CISCO PEMA

Written by Music Traveler

Published 14 Jan, 2021

No stranger to the music industry, Buenos Aires-native Cisco Pema 's approach as a vocalist, bass player and composer lends itself well to virant live acoustic performance and studio sessions that are well worth diving into to boost your mood with some positive vibes. Pema’s style is the product of playing in almost every category of band throughout his career and revolves around modernizing and reinterpreting the music of his homeland against jazz, pop and electronic influences. We recently met with Cisco and Kiremico during a session at a Music Traveler Space in Berlin, the city he's called home since 2012. 

“I have a lot of latin influences but I don’t play traditional latin music. I always add my own signature and I've been told I have some Jazz elements, especially when I play live.” 


Cisco debuted as solo artist in 2015 and shortly after collaborated with Munich-based band  Jamaram, composing songs as part of the "Tu Casa Es Mi Casa (Cisco Pema Meets Jamaram)" EP project, composing for and touring live with the crowd-pleasing Reggae & Dub act. 2020's introspective and spacey "39​/​19 Cumpleaños Feliz", supported by Kiremico will be followed new album in March 2021 produced at Goon Studios in Linz, Austria. The forthcoming album mixes cozy motifs with an "almost electronic" feel and an unconventional approach to brass section as part of a “dreamy new sound” which will surely not disappoint!   

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