Berlin's Legendary Music Shops

Written by Music Traveler

Published 05 Nov, 2020

As musicians, we’d rather not divulge just how much of our disposable income goes straight to our favorite music shops around the world, but it should come as no surprise that we get weak at the knees for a good music shop!  If you ever find yourself in an instrument-related pickle or are just after some musical eye candy, here’s some Berlin shops that fit the bill.

You better reserve an afternoon – or, better yet, a whole day – for Just Music. Spanning six floors, this place sells anything and everything your heart can possibly desire. Their flagship store in Kreuzberg boasts an incredible selection of instruments, but just in case you haven’t had enough, head on over to their PianoGalerie that specializes exclusively in grand pianos.

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If by any chance you did not find what you were looking for because it was just too darn exotic, don’t fret – Orientmusikhaus Berlin probably has it. This wonderful store specializes in oriental music, and aside from repairs offers advice for anybody interested in the scene. They have an impressive selection of stringed and wind instruments, drums and percussion instruments, as well as Persian instruments.

                            It is almost painful to see so many beautiful guitars in one place!

A next must-visit is the American Guitar Shop. They sell, you guessed it, guitars, guitars and more guitars; everything from electric to acoustic and folk. They will also repair your faithful stringed companion if need be. For your guitar and bass guitar needs you can also check out MIB Instruments in Schöneberg, known as the hub of professional and amateur musicians alike. Run by Robert Kellner, a household name in the Berlin music scene, this place specializes in the sale and repair of guitars, and they do it with true love and dedication.

Lastly, for all your synthesizer needs, modular or otherwise, SchenidersLaden is without a doubt the place to go. You want it, they got it. For the freshest releases check under their category labelled “Hot Shit”, which is exactly what this place is!

                                                 Discover the perfect place to make music in Berlin!