Band headquarters in Lichtenberg, Berlin

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Published 13 Oct, 2020
picture by Georg Feitscher - Wikimedia

Lichtenberg is becoming an important hub for Berlin’s creative industries. Once home to the headquarters of East Germany’s secret police, today, you’re more likely to find artists hiding away in their studios in this haven for the arts, as skyrocketing prices are stacking the odds against artists trying to make it in Berlin’s more central districts.

But not everything is hidden out of sight. Music Traveler hosts are offering up some pretty great spaces in the neighborhood, like these freshly renovated rooms  have been done over with a lot of love! 

Rehearsing and Recording Studio R#1 & R#2





These freshly renovated rooms are located in a recording studio in Berlin’s Lichtenberg district. They’re acoustically optimal and have been done over with a lot of love!

The rooms are bright and warm, the sound is dry and perfect. Drumsets are provided and there is a possibility of using the PA and mixer in both rooms and a 2x12" guitar box and a bass box in R#1, and a 4x12" Mesa Boogie guitar box and a 8x12" bass box in R#2.

R#1 is 48 sqm, R#2 has a size of 32 sqm.

And if that wasn't enough, there's another big plus you should know about these rooms. They're located just around the corner from some of our favorite Vietnmatese food joints in all of Berlin! Always good to have a killer snack option for a little downtime between rehearsals!

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Rehearsing & Recording Studios R#1
Rehearsing & Recording Studios R#2

Practice Room for Bands - Room 2






On the eastern side of the Lichtenberg, this spacious, clean and comfortable room in Berlin can fit your whole band (with room to spare for any friends that may come by to listen to your new songs!).

The 36 sqm room is equipped with a stage piano, guitar and bass amps, PA system, and a full drumset.
Couches and carpets make the room optimally comfortable and warm.

Check it out and book today on Music Traveler:
Practice room for bands - Room 2

Small rehearsal room in nice studio






If you are looking for something even cozier, and even warmer, we’ve got something for you!

Also, on the eastern side of the Lichtenberg district, you’ll  find this 24 sqm room  equipped with a stage piano, guitar and bass amps, PA system, and a full drumset.

A super comfy couch is provided, so you’ll feel right at home when it’s time for a hard earned break (we tested it, it's really comfortable!).

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Small rehearsal room in nice studio


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