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Universal Edition


Vienna, Austria

  • Publishing of classical and contemporary music

Universal Edition (UE) is a classical music publishing firm. Founded in 1901 in Vienna, and originally intended to provide the core classical works and educational works to the Austrian market (which had until then been dominated by Leipzig-based publishers). The firm soon expanded to become one of the most important publishers of modern music.

UE published works by a number of significant composers, among them Arnold Schönberg, Anton Webern, Alban Berg, Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Morton Feldman, Mauricio Kagel, György Kurtág, György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Later important additions to the catalogue include Harrison Birtwistle, Friedrich Cerha, Georg Friedrich Haas, Cristóbal Halffter, Georges Lentz, Arvo Pärt, David Sawer and Johannes Maria Staud.

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Universal Edition

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Universal Edition

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Universal Edition

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Universal Edition

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