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The Twiolins


Mannheim, Germany

Mannheim, Deutschland

  • Violin and Violin

  • Professional

  • Classical

  • Solo Musica GmbH

Just open the window and let fresh ideas into the classical music scene. The Twiolins are the pioneers of the new wave of ‚progressive classical music‘ and cause worldwide sensations and excitement in the concert halls. Ear pleasing harmonies, broad melodic lines and eccentric pulsating rhythms are the trademarks of their music, merging classical, avant-garde, minimalist music and pop-art-pop into a new sonic sound universe.

Since childhood, the two siblings share the stage. Together, they have won numerous awards and they are on tour several times a year. 2009, they founded a composition competition, now with more than 500 participants from 55 countries. A new and unique repertoire, which represents the creative excellence of the current generation of composers is thereby produced every three years.

It represents music of our time, which can be adventurous and wild, but also delicate and sweet. Music, which has nothing to prove, no intention to break any conventions, but only to inspire and that is precisely what it makes revolutionary and relevant. Like an universal language it touches the human inner spirit and continues to inspire the Twiolins to perform it again and again: in perfect synchronization with technical precision, and full of passion.

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The Twiolins

The Twiolins: Vivaldi Four Seasons: Winter (L' Inverno), Largo. Violin & Viola, RV 297 4K

The Twiolins

Eight Seasons Evolution - A new album by The Twiolins

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