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ten adem

the grand music traveling introduction of ten adem

    Premiered on
  • Feb. 20, 2021     8:00 PM (UTC+1:00)
  • Ghent, België
  • Ten Adem (transl. let’s breathe) is a Belgian based poetry and music collective around performance poet Bardthesque and was founded in 2007. Today Ten Adem consists out of three full grown men: Joshua Dellaert on bass, poet Bardthesque and "keyswizard" Thomas Vanhauwaert. During the last fourteen years this trio has played hundreds of gigs throughout Belgium, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Namibia, while releasing two official albums and bootlegging several in situ projects, commissions, collaborations,… Ten Adem has also produced two music theatre shows: Bastaardt in 2016 and the upcoming Schoone liedjes & Lelijke liedjes (beautiful songs & ugly songs). Currently, the band is waiting for an adequate vaccine, so they can record an intermediate EP, followed by their third full album.


  • Joshua Dellaert: bass
  • Bardthesque: lyrics, voice
  • Thomas Vanhauwaert: keys