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Sound Bridges and Percussive Dance



  • Balafon, Bass, Flamenco Guitar, Drum Set, Percussion, Banjo



Traditional West African - Jazz - Flamenco and Tap

Instruments: Balafon, Bass, Flamenco Guitar, Drum Set, Percussion, Banjo

contact: Irene Koloseus: 347-623 6404


Sound Bridges and Percussive Dance is a recently launched collaboration between two Brooklyn based award-winning touring companies: Feraba-African Rhythm Tap and Flamenco y Sol Dance Company.


Sound Bridges delivers high quality, fun, energetic performances that captivate and engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The repertoire of the group focuses on original pieces, which combine traditional West African music with flamenco and jazz. The shows highlight a new and exciting blending of styles while preserving and honoring the extraordinary traditions of various world cultures.


Members of Sound Bridges span four continents, come from diverse artistic backgrounds and carry a unique passion for their craft. Through a thoughtful balance of improvisation and composition, they create fluid, cross-genre rhythmic conversations, which aim to entertain and inspire.


Our History

Feraba-African Rhythm Tap is a multicultural and multiethnic performance group, which combines the traditional sounds and movements of West Africa with the only true American dance form of Tap. Much of the core musical repertoire of Feraba involves the use of the balafon, a traditional wooden xylophone from West Africa as well as a broad array of other traditional percussion instruments.


Flamenco y Sol Dance Company features diverse styles including traditional flamenco, contemporary flamenco, flamenco jazz fusion, classical Spanish dance and the more modern Gypsy Kings-style of flamenco rumba.


Infectious rhythms, explosive dance movements along with sophisticated choreography and detailed compositions have defined their vibrant and powerful performances at many prestigious venues, including the Joyce Theater, Lincoln Center Outdoors, the Metropolitan Opera, Town Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the White House.

Together, these two well-established companies make up Sound Bridges and Percussive Dance.


Feraba and Flamenco y Sol Awards

Jubilation Foundation (2019)

Sunshine Award (2013)

Jerome Foundation (2010)

Open Society Foundation Award (2010)

Cristina Heren Foundation scholarship (2009)

Jacobs’s Pillow scholarship (2008)

Manhattan Arts Fund (2005)

NYFA Fellow in Music Composition (1998)


Sound Bridges and Percussive Dance Personnel

Andy Algire (USA): balafon, krin, palmas

Irene Koloseus (Austria): balafon, tap dance, palmas

Sol Koreaus La Argentinita (Argentina): Flamenco, vocals, palmas

Raphael Brunn (USA): guitar, palmas

Pablo Dembele (Ivory Coast): djembe, congas, banjo

David Rajaonary (Madagascar): bass

Niko Koloseus (USA): drum set, krin, doun douns

Abou Camara (USA): balafon, djembe, conga, doun douns



Feraba’s mission is to inform, educate and entertain through the universal
language of rhythm, promoting the ideal of friendship, tolerance and cultural
understanding among people of all nations.

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