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Dominik Joelsohn


Wien, Austria

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  • TU Wien

Dominik Joelsohn studied architecture at Vienna University of Technology. He graduated with distinction and won various competitions. While studying, he worked for several architectural offices and gained experience in other various fields such as 'Porsche Holding', 'Unicredit' and 'Wiener Wohnen'. Since 2010, he has been managing Igudesman and Joo’s company “Only Hands Small” – as the General Manager for Europe he has gained considerable insider knowledge within the music community as well as music business affairs.

My Videos

2 Videos

Music Traveler

John Malkovich needs Music Traveler

Music Traveler

Music Traveler - Don't play drums in the kitchen 😫

My Inspiration

2 Videos


Billie Eilish - bad guy

Music Traveler

Hans Zimmer - Time for Music Traveler