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Claude Diallo

Claude Diallo Situation feat. Tupac Mantilla Live-Stream

    Premiered on
  • Dec. 11, 2021     8:00 PM (UTC+1:00)
  • Kreuzlingen, Schweiz
  • Dot Time Records artist Claude Diallo Situation would like to thank its fans for the generous support throughout the year and invites you to their fifth live stream, celebrating Jazz and their music on Music Traveler. Feel free to show your appreciation through the SHOW SOME LOVE function by clicking on the heart symbol (on smart phones you need to scroll down to see the heart icon).
  • Watch one hour of original music with cosmopolitan jazz pianist Claude Diallo and this amazing trio with New York based Grammy winning bass player Luques Curtis (Eddie Palmieri, Christian Scott, Ralph Peterson, Curtis Brothers) and the amazing body percussion wonder Tupac Mantilla from Columbia.


  • musician line-up: Claude Diallo (YAMAHA grand piano)SWITZERLANDLuques Curtis(acoustic bass)USATupac Mantilla(percussion and drums)COLUMBIAcrew line-up:Samuel De Cataldo (Chilipixel) video with the assistance of Aviv Zur (VideoExpressPro) and Bo Slatzky Reto Knaus (Tonzelle)soundwith the help of Joschka RothChristian Crego(To-See.CC)light magicStephan Militz and Christine Forster(Kult-X)venue logistics and helpAgus Setiawan Basuni(WartaJazz)Social Media Support