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Claude Diallo

Claude Diallo Latin Project Live-Stream

    Premiered on
  • May 20, 2021     8:00 PM (UTC+2:00)
  • Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
  • Important information: Live-Stream begins at 20.30 CET / 14.30 ET / 11.30 PT
  • 5 Euro official ticketing price, donations for additional support appreciated through the SHOW SOME LOVE function by clicking on the heart symbol.
  • Dot Time Records artist Claude Diallo launches his second live stream in a series of seven concerts throughout 2021.
  • In this Live-Stream, Claude Diallo features some of the finest musicians of the latin world of music. The Argentinian-Swiss singer Joana Elena Obieta is featured together with the cuban all-star trumpet player Amik Guerra. This time Claude Diallo Situation consists of an excellent rhythm section with Swiss bass hero Dave Maeder and Grammy Winner Keisel Jimenez Leyva from Kuba who plays the drums and percussion.
  • The next live streams of this series will take place on the following dates in 2021:
  • June 10 / September 30 / October 25 / November 25 / December 4
  • Feel free to watch the April 30 Live-Stream again for free on Claude Diallo's Youtube Channel.
  • This Live-Stream is sponsored by Lisa Rose Lodeski of Truly Living. She is a spiritual life coach who also offers Reiki training and intuition development. Her company, Truly Living, is based in California and online at


  • Musician Line-Up:
  • Joana Elena Obieta (voice)
  • Amik Guerra (trumpet)
  • Claude Diallo Situation
  • Claude Diallo (piano)
  • David Maeder (e - bass)
  • Keisel Jimenez (drums)
  • Video Crew:
  • Samuel De Cataldo
  • of chilipixel.chSound
  • Engineering:
  • Reto Knaus
  • of
  • Light Engineering:
  • Christian Crego
  • of