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Igudesman & Joo

How to Fail & SUCCEED - Episode 10

    Premiered on
  • May 29, 2022     7:00 PM (UTC+2:00)
  • Vienna, Austria
  • "The concert is next week? But I don't have enough time to practice! And I haven't finished the composition! And I forgot to invite people! Aaaargh!"
  • Yes, this is most of us at one point or another. But there are amazing simple tools to use to avoid that type of stress, as well as great methods to stay calm in the craziest situations. Igudesman & Joo are joined by 2 great musicians they are about to tour with: Yu Horiuchi and Lucy Landymore. Together they share tricks of the trade for stress reduction as well as hilarious situations they managed to get themselves into because of stress and missed deadlines.
  • Join them in their Podcast part 10: "Musicians in Stress and how to avoid it - How to be a healthy Musician!"


  • Podcaster: Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-ki Joo
  • Moderation: Marianna Busslechner
  • Film & Camera: Alex Houben
  • Concept: Jascha Geber
  • Sound: Ben Landymore