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Igudesman & Joo

How to Fail & SUCCEED - Episode 6

    Premiered on
  • Jan. 3, 2022     6:00 PM (UTC+1:00)
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Is the only way to great success extremely hard work from morning till night, endless hours of practice and research and study, as so many of our professors like to make us believe?
  • Or is chillin' like a villain the best way for ultimate world domination as an artist, so that we can have inspiration take over and bring us way better results in a much shorter time, as well as letting us enjoy life way more?
  • In short, do we need to work hard as artists or do we need to let life lead the way and let inspiration lead? How to achieve that magic balance as a musician, artist or even as a human being (yes, there seems to be a difference), that is the main subject of Igudesman & Joo's quirky humerous, yet deeply instructive and creative video blog "How to Fail and Succeed" in the next episode. Of course, as always combined with some hilarious fails and blatant self promotion. Well, what else do you expect?


  • Podcaster:Aleksey IgudesmanHyung-ki JooModeration: Marianna BusslechnerFilm & Camera: Alex HoubenConcept: Jascha GeberSound: Oliver Mara