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Igudesman & Joo

A Little Nightmare Music

    Premiered on
  • Feb. 20, 2021     7:00 PM (UTC+1:00)
  • Vienna, Austria
  • The con­cert begins. The music is sub­lime. Not even a pin would dare drop. Sud­denly, a cell­phone rings and the mad­ness starts.
  • The pianist loses his hand, the vio­lin­ist, while tun­ing, falls asleep, and later wakes up in the mid­dle of a motor­way, trans­formed into a “River­dancer”.
  • When the pianist returns, the piano is locked, telling him to insert his credit card.
  • Mean­while, the vio­lin­ist loses his bow to a vac­uum cleaner and his part­ner just talks on the phone while read­ing a paper, eat­ing, and, play­ing the piano upside down all at the same time. These and many other “night­mares” unfold before audi­ences’ eyes and ears.
  • “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music” is a unique show, full of vir­tu­os­ity, enchant­ing music and zany, out­ra­geous humour.
  • Ideal for audi­ences aged 8 to 88, this show is sure to cap­ti­vate you and crack you up whether you’re a clas­si­cal music enthu­si­ast or the type who runs for cover, at the mere men­tion of Mozart.


  • Written, conceived & performed by Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-ki JooVideo editor and camera operator: Sebastian WöberAdditional Camera Operator: Sebastian Leitner, David WagnerViolin: Aleksey IgudesmanPiano: Hyung-ki Joo