Host tips

Photo Guidelines

To ensure your space gets the best exposure on Music Traveler we have put together the following simple photo guidelines on how to get your space looking it's best.

  • 01

    Set the scene

    Clean the instruments, tidy up and remove clutter to make your space look pleasant and inviting.

  • 02

    Prepare the instruments for a session

    If your room has a piano, open the lid for both the top and keyboard. A cello, double bass or violin? Take them out of their cases and showcase them.

  • 03

    Make it bright

    Take photos during the day (preferably a sunny one), open the curtains and turn on all the lights to make your space as bright as possible. Avoid using flash, as this will often result in an unnatural looking photo.

  • 04

    Add a variety of photos

    Make sure to add photos of both the instruments close-up as well as with their surroundings, to help guests imagine the size and feel of the space.

  • 05

    Resolution matters

    Make sure your photos are at least 1024 by 683 pixels. To make your photos stand out we recommend 1920x1080.

  • 06

    Take your photos in landscape format

    Photos in search results are all displayed in landscape format. Portrait photos will be cropped and won't showcase your space very well.

Remember, your photos sell your space, so make them pretty ;)