Music Traveler Beethoven Year Tour - Moscow

We’re excited to collaborate with Vienna Tourism for an exciting Beethoven year having secured all the venues. You will be seeing plenty of Viennese culture and it’s city! More information will be coming soon, stay tuned.

The Itinerary:

Rome, Italy 17th September 2019

Hamburg, Germany 19th September 2019

Warsaw, Poland 24th September 2019

Zurich, Switzerland 25th September 2019

Seoul, South Korea 22nd October 2019

Beijing, China 23rd October 2019

Madrid, Spain 12th November 2019

London, UK 13th November 2019

Moscow, Russia 19th November 2019

Paris, France 10th December 2019
placeBashmet Tsentr, Ulitsa Bol'shaya Polyanka, Moskau, Russland

calendar_today19 Nov / 2019

schedule8 p.m.