Five Music Spaces You’ll Love in Milan!

Written by Music Traveler

Published 12 Jan, 2023

Milan is home to a thriving music scene, with a plethora of storied institutions, including Teatro alla Scala,Teatro Arcimboldi,  Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra, and Blue Note jazz club.The city hosts some of the biggest music festivals in Italy, such as the Milano Jazzin Festival, the Milano Music Festival, and the Milano Music Week. Milan also boasts an impressive underground scene and is home to electronic music hotspots like Tempio del Futuro Perduto.

The modern and ever-evolving city is a great place for aspiring musicians, with its wide range of music schools and conservatories offering tuition in a variety of instruments and styles. As such, Milan is a recording hotspot, offering a platform for professionals and fresh talent alike. Here, you will learn about the five Music Traveler spaces in Milan you simply must check out! 

LOOCA MUSIC - Spazio Creativo Polifunzionale 

For only 25EUR per hour, you can create music and audio-visual effects in a cozy 18m2 studio. The place is soundproof and fully acoustic, which makes it the ideal place for recording, mixing, music production, and also rehearsing.  

LOOCA MUSIC has a keyboard, drum set, and ukulele, and up to five people can book and reserve the place at a time. Make sure to check it out if you are in Milan! 

Sala Chitarra 

If you prefer a relaxed vibe while you master your acoustic guitar playing, then Sala Chitarra is the perfect place for you. This place resembles the atmosphere you have at home, but here there are no background noises that can disturb you while you play, and your creativity is most welcomed. Two people can book this 50m2 studio and play until their heart’s content for an affordable price. 

Blue Note Recording Studio 

This state-of-the-art recording studio is one of the finest you will ever find in Milan. Located in the city center, Blue Note Recording Studio won’t disappoint you at all. It comes with a grand piano, upright piano, drum set, keyboard, and acoustic and electric guitars.  This studio is completely soundproof, and up to sixteen people at a time can use the space. 

Control Room

For musicians who need to mix their prerecorded audio, Control Room is the right choice. There are no musical instruments here, but there is a console (MCI JH600) with monitors (Tannoy, Yamaha, Genelec) you can use to mix some incredible music. Did we mention that it is very spacious and comfortable? 

Recording and Rehearsal Room 

Bands on tour should definitely check out the Recording and Rehearsal Room in Milan. The place is professionally soundproof and houses a grand piano, as well as guitar amplifiers and all other necessities for recording or rehearsal. Up to five people can book this affordable 32m2 studio and create some sweet music.