The Truth About Technology: Sometimes It's Better To Play Smarter, Not Harder!

Written by Music Traveler

Published 06 Jan, 2023

Practicing music is hard.

It's not just the physical effort—it's also the mental strain of trying to remember the right notes or of keeping track of your time while you're playing. And then there's the fact that nobody wants to hear you practicing day in and day out! 

It's not just a matter of practicing more—you also need to practice smarter. 

Discover the perfect place to make music in Madrid

While Music Traveler uses technology to connect you to places where practicing music is valued, and where you can get access to professional equipment without having to upgrade all of your gear, our newest partner Soundbrenner firmly believes that next-generation tools can painlessly enhance every player’s skills. Soundbrenner has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to help musicians hone their craft and get better at what they do with ease. Soundbrenner allows musicians to Soundbrenner has developed a line of wearable smartwatches designed to make practicing music easier for musicians at all levels. Notably, the Soundbrenner Pulse features an integrated metronome and tuner that allows musicians to practice their rhythm and pitch accuracy through vibrations without having to look at their phone or computer screen. It also tracks their progress over time so they can see how much they've improved!

“Finding a great space to make music is usually super difficult, especially if you just traveled to a new city. Music Traveler solves this problem beautifully and simply. Every musician deserves to know about it. At Soundbrenner we're always excited about technology that allows musicians to focus on what matters. So we couldn't be happier to partner with Music Traveler!"  Florian Simmendinger, CEO & Founder of Soundbrenner

While we’re not entirely unbiased on this one, we can say in full confidence we believe that Music Travel and Soundbrenner are a match made in heaven for anyone serious about practicing smarter. It’s hard to think of another tool as equally valuable for daily practices, live performances, or recording sessions! 

While there’s no substitute for hard work and dedication when it comes to playing music, the barriers between a good and a great practice are crumbling with the help of smart tech.

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