Ready to learn from the best? Music Traveler teams up with Tonebase!

Written by Music Traveler

Published 28 Oct, 2022

Looking to get that extra edge on your instrument? Music Traveler is proud to announce a new partnership with LA-based music learning platform Tonebase, which pairs our well-known ambassadors with a worldwide audience of professional performers, music students, and hobby musicians through premium tutorials and live workshops. With over 70,000 guitarists regularly using the service and an expanding number of instruments offered, Tonebase is a no-brainer for anyone serious about advancing their skill level! Our ambassadors will join Tonebase’s existing community of seasoned music teachers and outstanding musicians like Pepe Romero, Claire Huangci, and Nancy Zhou.

Who better than Music Traveler co-founder Aleksey Igudesman to help you take your playing to the next level?

Music Traveler ambassadors will share their specialized expertise through an easy-to-use interface that can help you brush up on music theory, improve skills like sight reading, learn a new subgenre, or master a new instrument. Meanwhile, Music Traveler is connecting Tonebase users to spaces well-equipped with instruments and ideal learning environments for individuals and groups.

Book a Music Traveler space and start learning with your friends.

Music Traveler co-founder and CEO Julia Rhee sees important parallels between Music Traveler and Tonbase’s ambitions. “We’re very pleased to announce a partnership that will introduce enhanced flexibility and focus into musicians’ learning routines. I’m happy musicians face fewer logistical barriers today than ever before."

Music Traveler co-founders Aleksey Igudesman and Julia Rhee

"Our partnership with Tonebase will help people build a routine and invest their time in creating music. Music Traveler spaces will connect people to rehearsal rooms equipped with the instruments they’d like to like to access and the necessary environments to optimize learning.”

Learn to play Chopin with Claire Huangci on Tonebase!

Tonebase co-founders Chris Garwood and Igor Lichtmann are enthusiastic to partner with Music Traveler, given the great potential for people to build music communities between the two platforms. Lichtmann explains that using technology to connect people has always been the driving motivation behind the platform. 

Garwood(leaft) and Lichtmann (right) are both avid guitarists. 
Access instruments through Music Traveler and sharpen your skills with Tonebase

Let’s face it, so many of us would love to return to music school or just reintroduce music into our lives but struggle to find the time. Tonebase hits a sweet spot between excellent teaching and full flexibility that could help us all abandon our tired excuses and master new skills. 

Tonebase offers video tutorials, live workshops, and more!