Marciano's v-log: drums recording pt. 1

Written by Giulio Falla

Published 29 Jul, 2020

Dear Music Travelers, last week we introduced you to Matteo Marciano, Music Technology Ambassador here at Music Traveler.

With him we will explore the amazing world of Music Technology starting today with the basics of the drumset.

"Have you ever listened closely to the effect that different arrays of microphones have to the sound of a drum kit? In this video series called Deconstructing The Sound of Drums, Recording & Mix Engineer, together we will deconstruct the sound of drums analyzing microphones' characteristics, positions, and different techniques. 

You will be able to listen to the effect that every single microphone has on the overall sound of a kit analyzing proximity VS ambiance VS room microphones. 

Each video tutorial will dive into specific parts of a kit and the microphone/s used to achieve a punchy and massive drums sound. 

Get ready to listen to drums in a way you have never heard before!"

Drums performed by Jake Chouljian, drummer of the band HotWok.

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IG: @marcianomusicproductions
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