Discover the City: Vienna

Written by Music Traveler

Published 11 Jun, 2020

4 days to go!

Today is Day 4 of the countdown to our re-opening and what better city to discover than Vienna, the home city of great composers including Mozart and Schubert. We love this city also for its many museums and monuments and of course iconic music venues such as the Musikverein and the Vienna State Opera. Viennese coffee houses are abundant and buzzing with creatives and tourists alike...just walking around gets us inspired to create music. 

“ I love living in Vienna because there is not one moment when walking through this city that doesn't remind you of the immense value of art. Its architecture and the number of artistic expressions on offer on a regular basis in such an accessible way, plus how varied its population is, makes it a really exciting place to live in. On top of all that - tap water here is DELICIOUS, and the Viennese coffee tradition is a good extra to have as a working artist. " - Alfredo Ovalles, Pianist & Composer

Our featured room in the heart of Vienna is none other than the Igudesman Room

This practice room belongs to the successful composer, violinist, musical humorist and Music Traveler co-founder Aleksey Igudesman. The practice space features two pianos: a beautiful Steinway as well as a Yamaha Grand, where he himself often rehearses with “Igudesman & Joo”. 

Many compositions of Igudesman have been written here and piano virtuoso Yuja Wang uses this room for practice when she is in Vienna. Some piano scores of Igudesman are available for reading when you book this beautiful room in the most prime location available in the first district.

Rehearse a piano concerto or piano duet in the heart of Vienna

Some of our favorite places to visit nearby

If you get hungry or would like a drink after your practice session in the Igudesman Room , you can take a short walk to Cafe Mendez

They have great cocktails, tasty beer, deliciously brewed teas, and mouthwatering tex-mex inspired food that are sure to make you feel rewarded after a productive music-making time. 

If on the other hand you'd prefer a coffee or a delicious ice cream, don't miss our next-door neighbour Ferrari Caffè will be ready to quench your thirst for sugar and caffeine in the most traditional Italian style. 

What are some of your favorite things to do in Vienna? If you haven't traveled to Vienna yet, get started and explore more of this beautiful city by booking a room here with our daily code #DISCOVERVIENNA Übungsraum Klavier Proberaum Übungsraum Klavier Aufnahmestudio Übungsraum Geige Proberaum Übungsraum Geige Aufnahmestudio Übungsraum Schlagzeug Proberaum Übungsraum Schlagzeug Aufnahmestudio Übungsraum Gitarre Proberaum Übungsraum Gitarre Aufnahmestudio Übungsraum Proberaum Übungsraum Aufnahmestudio üben Geige Proberaum üben Geige Aufnahmestudio üben Schlagzeug Proberaum üben Schlagzeug Aufnahmestudio üben Gitarre Proberaum üben Gitarre Aufnahmestudio Musik Klavier Proberaum Musik Klavier Aufnahmestudio Musik Geige Proberaum Musik Geige Aufnahmestudio Musik Schlagzeug Proberaum Musik Schlagzeug Aufnahmestudio Musik Gitarre Proberaum Musik Gitarre Aufnahmestudio Musiker Klavier Proberaum Musiker Klavier Aufnahmestudio Musiker Geige Proberaum Musiker Geige Aufnahmestudio Musiker Schlagzeug Proberaum Musiker Schlagzeug Aufnahmestudio Musiker Gitarre Proberaum Musiker Gitarre Aufnahmestudio Proberaum in der Nähe Aufnahmestudio in der NäheMusik  Aufnahmestudio in der Nähe Musikfestival 2019 klassischers Klavier beste klassische Musik