Let's Talk About Studios...

Published 08 Dec, 2018

Casually walking into a recording studio and playing in a space with sublime acoustics is an amazing experience for any musician. 

Music Traveler is perfect for studios - as a studio owner you can list your space and enjoy the extra promotion by being part of our diverse and international community. For musicians it's a dream come true - being able to easily find and book high quality rehearsal spaces.

The insurance included with every booking through Music Traveler lets everyone relax and focus on the music = it's a win win.

Here is our editors pick of current hot locations in Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg.

If you in Vienna and fancy rubbing shoulders with local talent, head over to this amazing space. 

Many of Austria's top bands have recorded their albums here. The grand piano is a Bösendorfer and the acoustics are really amazing. 

Gorgeous studio in Vienna. Book here >>

In Berlin, head over to this funky, freshly renovated space.

A couple of rooms are available and the staff is super friendly. Take your pick:

Perfect space for drummers/bands. Book now >>

Looking to get cosy with some serious equipment in Hamburg?

We have the right studio for you:

String and brass ensembles will love this space, ca. 30 sqm, available 24/7. Book now >>