I'm a Music Traveler!

Published 11 Feb, 2020

Have you heard of Music Traveler? It is an airbnb type app where musicians can travel the world and find practice and performance spaces which they rent by the hour.

My studio is now listed! You can click on this link which takes you to the Music Traveler site. Search spaces in the USA. There are five cities. If I tell you that I don’t live in New York or Washington D.C. You should be able to find my listing.

Why am I writing this? Well, aside from the fact that I want to earn some extra money renting my studio when I am not using it for teaching. I think it is an opportunity for other pianists, piano teachers and musicians. I would love to travel around an play the piano in different spaces.

I am currently thinking of excuses to go to Barcelona or New York, or Milan so I am a piano world traveler. How cool is that?!?!

Plus, I have adult students who travel for their jobs. One was in Germany and found a place on the site and he had lessons from Munich. It was awesome. Plus, if you are a college kid away from home and want to find a piano… The possibilities are endless.

Sharing my music space with other musicians has been a dream, I am very thankful for Music Traveler!

Happy Travels,