Music Traveler Wins the Best Austrian Newcomer Startup Award

Published 02 Oct, 2018

In a way it's a funny coincidence - since last year, we were celebrating our official launch at the Konzerthaus in Vienna with John Malkovich. Fast forward to 2018 and we are celebrating our first official award -  we won the Austrian Newcomer of the Year Award at the Central European Startup Awards

You can see all the other winners and further details here:

We wish to officially thank everyone who voted for us, as always the tremendous support of our community means the world to us. Rolling out new cities and futher developing new features and concepts is our main priority at Music Traveler, as well as enhancing your user experience. 

Our growing inventory in Vienna boasts an impressive selection of diverse spaces - you can book anything from a surprisingly affordable large room with top notch piano, to concert halls and there is even a ballroom available. The studios featured on Music Traveler are some of the finest in the city, as our the rooms with excellent grand pianos. 

Stay tuned as we expand and develop our pilot cities and remember to spread to word and share our exciting news with your friends. As always, if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve Music Traveler, write to us