Hauser Patron Salon at Alice Tully Hall

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125 reception capacity, 80 dinner capacity. The Hauser Patron Salon is an intimate, mezzanine-level space suspended over the Grand Foyer. By square footage alone, it is our smallest reception space, but many consider it to be a hidden gem on the Lincoln Center campus. The Hauser Patron Salon features a sleek, stainless steel built-in bar as well as an outdoor terrace which faces West 65th Street. Hand-selected and custom furnishings provide a pop of color and further enliven the room. At night, the illuminated Lincoln Center campus transforms into a glittering vista upon which your guests can gaze. This modern lounge is ideal as a private retreat; a pre- or post-concert reception venue; or as an entertainment space for VIP guests.

- Intimate mezzanine-level space above the Stanley Lobby
- Architectural feature suspends over the Och Foyer and Broadway entrance
- Built-in stainless steel bar
- Outdoor terrace with views of campus green space
- Ideal for VIP lounges
- Hidden gem on the Lincoln Center Campus
- Custom lounge furniture
- Brazilian mirapiranga wooden walls
- Built-in solar shades along 65th street
- Floor-to-ceiling windows


  PA System
  222.97 m 2
  Windows , AC
  125 ppl

Cancellation Policy: 24 hrs

If the booking is cancelled 24 hours (or longer) before the time of booking the full amount will be refunded to your card. If it is cancelled inside of 24 hours, then no refund will be given.

Soundproof Level

Generally, nothing should disturb you


placeNew York

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