Avocado Tree Studios - Recording Room 2

  • Upright Piano , E-Piano , Stage Piano , Two Pianos , Keyboard , Organ , Drum Set , Classical Guitar , Acoustic Guitar , Western Guitar , Electric Guitar , Guitar Amplifier , Electric Bass , Bass Amplifier , PA System , Accordion Show more
  • Windows , Wifi , AC
  • Studio
  • 20.0 m 2
  • Up to 4 Persons
  • Professionally soundproofed


Basic Info:
25m2 Daylight recording room – iso booth is build a room in room and connects directly with big glas doors to Recording Room 1 it has a very nice view to the ocean

Room Character:
In standard setting dry with lots of early reflections adaptable to dry dry setting
Keyboards and Synthesizers:
Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer
Crumar Trilogy Synthesizer
Crumar Performar Synthesizer
Hammond 147 Leslie
Novation Mininova Synthesizer
Novation Bass Station Synthesizer
Korg R3 Synthesizer
Triton Extrem Studio 88 Master Keyboard
JCV KB 700 Synthesizer
Casiotone MT-52 Synthesizer
Korg Volca Beats Drum Computer
Korg Wave Drum
Hohner Organetta 3

Guitars and Amps:
6 String Western Fender PM-3 000 All Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
12 String Western Ibanez Concord 1970 Acoustic Guitar
6 String Western Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500rcce
6 String Nylon Juan Estruch 1989 Acoustic Guitar
6 String Nylon Pro Arte CC-100 Acoustic Guitar
6 String Nylon Acoustic Guitar
6 String Peavy special edition Electric Guitar
6 String Fender Squier Tele Electric Guitar
4 String Marcus Miller P7 Alder Electric Bass
4 String Music Man StingRay USA
Vox AC15 C1X Amp
Orange Rocker 15 Terror Head
Marshall JVMC212 Speaker
Hammond 147 Leslie Amp
Marshall 1×12″ Custom made Speaker
Avid Eleven Rack Modeling Guitar Head

Tama Royal Star Brasilian Grain 1984 Drum Set
Bass drum 22″x16″
Tom tom 13″x12″
Tom tom 14″x13″
Floor tom 16″x16″
DW 14″x6,5″ maple wood Black Wax Snare Drum
Pearl 14″x6.5″ metal Snare Drum
Hi Hat 14″

Cancellation Policy: 24 hrs

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