Avocado Tree Studios - Control Room

  • Upright Piano , E-Piano , Stage Piano , Two Pianos , Keyboard , Organ , Drum Set , Classical Guitar , Acoustic Guitar , Western Guitar , Electric Guitar , Guitar Amplifier , Electric Bass , Bass Amplifier , PA System , Accordion Show more
  • Windows , Wifi , AC
  • Studio
  • 50.0 m 2
  • Up to 8 Persons
  • Professionally soundproofed


Control Room:
50 m2 with daylight

Dynaudio M4 P 5.1 Surround System Custom made by Andy Munro design The ultimate Dynaudio Acoustics monitor
Dynaudio BM 15 Passive
Yamaha HS8

Analog Console – Mixing desk:
Amek Remdbrandt Rubert Neve desiged Console with 40 Channel Inline, 80 Channels mix, Automation and Total recall!
Midas Venice F32 Hybrid technology 32 Channel

Pro Tools HD 10
Pro Tools HD 11
Logic Pro 9
Logic Pro X
Reason 10
Universal Audio Satellite Quadcore
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Core
Vienna Symphonic Library
Vienna Ensemble Pro
East West Composers Cloud
Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate

Audio Interfaces / Tape Machines:
Antelope Orion 32 IO
Antelope Galaxy 64 Synergy Core 64 IO
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Core
Studer A827 24 Track
Revox Tape 2 Track
Vinyl Master Cutter

Side Racks:
SSL Solid State Logic Bus Compressor
Neve 1073 Pre Amp
Urei LA10 Compressor
1176 Compressor
LA2a Compressor
TLA – 100A Compressor
DBX 166 Compressor
TL Audio Valve EQ
White Instruments EQ
SPL De Esser
Roland Dimension D Chorus
Lexicon 200 Reverb
Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb
Avid Eleven Rack Multi FX
TC Electronics M300 Multi FX
Alesis Midiverb 4 Multi FX

U47 Neumann
OC818 Austrian Audio
C414 AKG
C535 AKG
CV12 Avantone
CV24 Avantone
B98 Shure
PG4.1 Shure
MD421 Sennheiser
SM7B Shure
SM57B Shure
SM57 Shure
B52 Shure

Keyboards and Synthesizers:
Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer
Crumar Trilogy Synthesizer
Crumar Performar Synthesizer

Cancellation Policy: 24 hrs

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