Music Video "Tango in a Madhouse"



We have all loved or are in love with someone. But what if love is so strong, so deep, so all-encompassing, more than you could previously imagine and contain within yourself. Love - which replaces air and food, fills you with joy and inspiration, gives you wings and you fly high into space and experience things you've never experienced on earth. The love that makes you superhuman!

And then you lose your love irrevocably. She' s dead...
Music filled with a multitude of emotions, from sadness to tragedy to madness. The wicked sarcasm of fate and the ghostly joy of memory. As much as you flew on the wings of happiness, now with the same intensity you are swallowed by madness and bitterness tears you apart.

Story of a music Video short:

In the past they lived and loved each other. They danced and were happy. Then she died.
He lost his mind.
In the madhouse he dances with her until now in his dreams.



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