Recording Studio space with a living room feel



STUDIO HÖLL is a recording studio in the classical sense with separate recording spaces and control room. You can rent the studio space for rehearsals and enjoy very controlled acoustics. There is a living room athmosphere with low or bright lighting, depending on your needs. All rooms have their own reinforced concrete floor slab that carries the room- within-a-room construction. The floors are floated on special pads to isolate the studio from the building structure. This ensures a high degree of sound isolation between the individual rooms, but also to the outside world: important for focusing on your music.

RECORDING 1 This main recording space. Four musicians will fit in nicely with a large drum set. The acoustics are dry, very defined, and open sounding. The front area is reflective, the back is absorptive, so that the placing of the instruments will have a pronounced effect on the recorded sound.
The outside window will let some sunlight in to make you feel human - or hungry, if you’re thinking about the lunch break on the terrace! Compose some songs in the comfy living room area, and have a coffee brewed in the small kitchen facility.

RECORDING 2 This is the triangular vocal booth where you are center-stage. The acoustics are extra dry, just as it should be for vocals. The recordings will exhibit no reverberance whatsoever, leaving all creative possibilities open for editing and mixing.

-recording studio acoustics
-high degreee of sound isolation
-a pair of EVENT PS8 studio speakers for playback
-studio headphones for playback
-black wall design
-studio garden
-wooden floor,
WLAN, microwave oven, etc.


  20.0 m 2
  4 ppl

Cancellation Policy: 48 hrs

If the booking is cancelled 48 hours (or longer) before the time of booking the full amount will be refunded to your card. If it is cancelled inside of 48 hours, then no refund will be given.


Please behave and leave on time.

Soundproof Level

Professionally soundproofed



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