Synchron Stage - Stage A with Control A



The huge recording space of Stage A accommodates orchestras of up to 130 musicians. The room-in-room construction, based on a huge concrete foundation, features an up to three-meter gap all the way around the central main hall. The massive construction, combined with the sound insulation and the special design of the air condition results in a ridiculously low noise-floor of 16 dBA with the air conditioner running. The hall boasts exceptional acoustic properties for recording orchestras and choirs for film music and classical works in various formats from stereo to 9.1 (such as Auro-3D).

115 m² (1,238 sq. ft.) spacious air-conditioned control room
SSL Duality Pro-Station Delta 96 channels
SSL Alpha-Link MX, Delta-Link, Net I/O
Millennia HV-3R with AD-R96, DC, DANTE
ADAM S6X Main Speakers 5.1, ADAM Sub15
Neumann KH 310 Midfield Speakers 5.1 and 9.1 (Auro3D), KH 810
Lexicon 960 LARC
TC Electronics System 6000 Reverb
Antelope Isochrone 10M and Isochrone Trinity 2Q Communicator
Preamp 500 Series: Neve 88RLB, BAE 312A, AEA RPQ500, Meris 440
Pro Tools Rig HDX1: 256 Tracks @ 48kHz, 64 Tracks @ 192kHz, PT 10, PT 11, VSL Vienna Suite Pro
Pro Tools Rig HDX2: 512 Tracks @ 48kHz, 128 Tracks @ 192kHz, PT 10, PT 11, Waves Mercury Bundle, UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate, VSL Vienna Suite Pro
Pro Tools Rig HDX3: 768 Tracks @ 48kHz, 192 Tracks @ 192 kHz, PT 10, PT 11, Waves Mercury Bundle, UAD-2 OCTO Ultimate, VSL Vienna Suite Pro
Source-Connect Pro and Source-Connect Now for Remote Recordings


  Grand Piano, Piano Steinway, Harp
  540.0 m 2
  130 ppl

Cancellation Policy: 72 hrs

If the booking is cancelled 72 hours (or longer) before the time of booking the full amount will be refunded to your card. If it is cancelled inside of 72 hours, then no refund will be given.


We have a total of three grand pianos (Steinway, Bösendorfer, and Yamaha), a harp and 250 different percussion instruments available at an extra cost. Please let us know if you wish to have any of these instruments available for your session

The final details on our Cancellation Policy will be stated on the detailed offer you will receive from us after your request

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