Amuse News - Episode 2



Episode 2 of Amuse News with and by Aleksey Igudesman. Amuse News is a pun-filled summary of all the madness that has happened in recent times in the world of music. Including an interview with Sean Lennon. This is something we have decided to create - just in case you’ve had enough of the outdated reporting on the thing we all love: Music.

Created and hosted by Aleksey Igudesman.

0:00 - Intro
0:12 - Amuse News
0:27 - The news in depth - "Fatima's Job"
4:52 - Lucy Landymore's Musical Tutorial - The Flute
6:10 - Thomastik Infeld
6:37 - Joo's Rant: Lipsinking

9:02 - Main Subject: Doin it Old Style
21:36 - Interview: Sean Lennon
28:11 - Song introduction
28:42 - Song of the Episode: I Like Playing Old Computer Games
31:42 - Closing words
23:54 - Thank you to sponsors



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