A night on the Danube: A composer´s portrait



I want to share with you a very special moment for me, where with excellent musicians we will interpret three of my compositions, each one with a story that you can discover with us.

for the Unvollendete Erzählungen piece based on Margaret Atwood's book "Stone Mattress" The first three tales of this book are connected by narrations and reflections of a poet’s two wives, and lover.
the author tries to tell us the same story, but from the point of view of each character. Musically this narrative technique is used in the development of sound material.
The details of the dialogue between a man and a woman are emphasised by the camera positions typical of feature film: expressive close-ups and mid shots in the dialogue between the cello and the piano.

Drei Lieder für Mezzosopran und Klavier based on the poetry of Werner Walter Damm combine features of the poetic rhythm and original composition with the visual details of a classical concert recording inclusively the top shot of the piano to highlight the classical setting with a fresh perspective.

Eine Nacht an der Donau / A night on the Danube
The visual concept of Eine Nacht an der Donau, created together with director Anna Patritsiya, invites the listener to experience a unique audiovisual experience, where the percussive features of the score are enhanced by the contrasting colour scheme and immerse the listener in a meditative state guiding them through all three seminal parts of the work.

July 2nd at 7pm



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