Earn Money and Empower Musicians


Why Host?

Are your musical instruments catching dust or do you have space full of opportunities? Would you like to earn extra money on the side or boost your already established music institution's bookings? With Music Traveler, you can rent out any kind of music space, make money and empower musicians.


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Easy money

Hosts typically make between €8 and €30 per hour, depending on their space. We take care of all transactions and transfer your earnings to your bank account at the end of each month.

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Your space, your rules

You choose the time and price. Want to charge more on weekends? No problem! You are in full control of your space and you decide to approve or reject every booking request you get.

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Your instruments are safe

All instruments in your space are insured up €100.000 with every booking through Music Traveler. We care about your instruments and we want you to have full peace of mind when you host.



Some Common Questions

Does Music Traveler charge a service fee?

Music Traveler takes a 10% fee from bookings to cover company expenses.

May I offer a space without instruments?

Yes, but you must be specific on what creative activities are suitable for the space instead. Put this in the description of the space on your Music Traveler listing.

Do I need approval from someone at Music Traveler before signing up?

It is an automatic part of the host sign-up process. Music Traveler always checks that hosts are genuine people before approving host signup requests.

I don't know what my instruments are called. What should I do?

Please get in touch with us at We are happy to help.

Do I need insurance to become a host?

No additional insurance is needed. With every booking through Music Traveler, your instruments within that specific space are insured up to €100,000. All other objects within the space are insured up to €2,000. See further insurance details here.

Can anyone be a host on Music Traveler?

Yes, as soon as you have a space to offer, you are most welcome to sign up as a host on Music Traveler.



Signing Up

Adding your space to Music Traveler is free and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the application. Once you finish, we will look over your details and approve your request if you are in an active region, or add you to the early access list.


Are you ready?