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Dana Šimková


Krenovice, Tschechien

  • Piano

  • Amateur

I am an amateur piano player, who plays for his joy. When I was a child, I composed many songs. I studied a singing and I can't imagine my life without classical music and opera. For several years I had a website www.operadream.com where I wrote reviews for performances and concerts.

I work as a lecturer, writer and actor and I have lectures and perormances about history, classical music, opera and about the Titanic. A great inspiration for my performances were Igudesman and Joo and their love for music and their fantastic not vulgar humor. I love history and in a fun way I talk about historical personalities and events, and I want people to be interested in history. I have almost 190 performances during the year and I have great success.

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Dana Šimková

Dana Šimková - Ave Maria 2001

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