Music Traveler Open House Day in Cooperation with Steinway in Austria

Come and discover our Music Traveler rooms in Vienna & join us for our Open House tour in cooperation with Steinway in Austria - 4 locations, 5 rooms ;) Come by whenever it suits you, check out how Music Traveler works and chat to one of our team members who will be happy to help.

Visit one of the rooms listed below:

9 - 12h - 1st Open House room: VIMAC "Vienna International Music & Art Center", Marokkanergasse 5, 3rd district

12 - 15h - Musikschule, Skodagasse 20, 8th district

15 - 18h - Siebensterngasse 20, 7th district

18 - 21h - Annagasse 1, 1st district
placeMarokkanergasse, Vienna, Austria

calendar_today04 Okt / 2018