Limefield Studio

  • Piano Steinway , E-Piano , Organ , Drum Set , Congas , Classical Guitar , Acoustic Guitar , Electric Bass , Double bass , Accordion Show more
  • Fenster
  • Private
  • 30.0 m 2
  • Up to 7 Persons
  • Leichter Straßenlärm


Limefield has grown from Manchester’s vibrant music community and has become a familiar & comfortable place for the established and emerging talent in and around the city.
The studio itself has it’s main recording space in a small ballroom.

With high ceiling and wooden floorboards, it’s well suited to acoustic based music. Another smaller space is a room adjoining the control room in an adjacent building.

There’s a Steinway Grand Piano, Hammond A100 Organ, various electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, a Rodgers drumkit and various other whistles, percussion, flutes and odd instruments with which you can decorate your music/annoy bandmates & the engineer.

Technically speaking, we’ve got a good selection of microphones, ribbon, condenser and dynamic. In the control room, there’s a good mixture of mic preamps, compressors and other outboard gear.

Regeln Stornierungsbedingungen: 24 hrs

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