The Lab

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  • Fenster , Klimaanlage
  • Studio
  • 83.61 m 2
  • Up to 10 Persons
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The Theatre Laboratory is a self-contained space located on the 2nd floor. Soaring ceilings and 3 tall windows with black curtains. White walls with a smooth white wooden floor. Modular platforms. Built for performance, readings, rehearsals, workshops, photo and video shoots. 3 sets of incandescent track lighting on separate dimmers, plus hanging bulbs. Black padded folding chairs. Seating for 50+ people.

- 23 X 39
- 14 ft. ceiling
- 2nd Floor
- Moveable Mirrored Walls
- Speakers
- Air Conditioning
- Quiet
- Private Bathroom
- Kitchenette
- Dressing Area
- Upright Piano

Stornierungsbedingungen: 24 hrs

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