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This large 2nd floor studio space is perfect for medium- to large-sized bands with over 250 square feet of space. You can rehearse in Rivington Music’s sound-treated rooms using our play-ready top-shelf selection of gear. The room is also stocked with a bright Pearl Export 5-piece drum set—fully maintained with new heads—and a weighted action 88-key Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano. With all the fixings for a stress-free rehearsal, Studio 6 is one of Rivington Music’s premier practice studios. Whether on the road and in need of a great space to rehearse, or want to experiment with a new band, Studio 6 has you covered.

General Info
- 11’ X 23’
- Studio 6 has mirrors
- 4 folding chairs

Amps & Cabs
- Marshall 50w Dual Reverb Halfstack
- Fender Hot Rod DeVille 60w 2-12
- Fender Chorus 60w 2-12
- Fender Hot Rod DeVille 60w 2-12
- Randall V2H 200w Halfstack
- Mark Bass Tube 800 w/ Mesa Boogie 800w 4-10 cab

- Cymbals: Hi Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride
- Pearl Export 5 piece kit
- Snare, Kick Pedal included

- Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano, 88 key, weighted action

Vocal Mixers
- Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro mixer
- 3 Shure or GLS wired mics + 3 mic stands (mics may not be pictured in photos)
- Lexicon MX200 EFX Vocal Processor

Monitors / Speakers
- EV EKX 15P


  Keyboard, Drum Set, Guitar Amplifier, Bass Amplifier, PA System
  23.5 m 2
  5 Pers.

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placeNew York

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