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Comfortable studio for practicing oder rehearsing. Windows in three directions. Easy access by bus or car. 4 minutes by bus from Zurich-Oerlikon station. One bus stop from Radio Studio Zurich. One parking place for sure. Second parking place on request.
Beautiful Steingräber&Söhne Grand Piano (Lisztflügel 202, 1974)
If you do not use the grand piano, you will get a 25% discount with this code:
Special curtains allow acoustic variability or separation of the room into two smaller parts.
Small house concerts (up to 10 people in the room) possible after asking permission of the owner. Note stands for chamber music up to quintet available.
No eating and smoking in the room!
Shoes must been taken off at the entrance.
Professional dance floor by Harlequin (4.5x5 m) to be ordered after booking (four days before use). Some times it's rolled out over several weeks and we wont take it away for music rehearsals. It doesn't affect the sound.
Toilet just in one corner of the room.
No amplified music nor drums allowed, sorry!
We prefer bookings of al least two hour blocks


  Grand Piano
  43.0 m 2
  10 Pers.

Stornierungsbedingungen: 24 Std

Wenn die Buchung 24 Stunden (oder früher) vor der Buchungszeit storniert wird, wird der gesamte Betrag zurück überwiesen. Wenn die Stornierung innerhalb von 24 Stunden stattfindet, gibt es keine Rückerstattung.


Please behave and leave on time and exactly as it was before use.
Don't roll the grand piano on the carpets or dance floor.
No eating or smoking!
Do not put anything on the piano.
Shoes must been taken off at the entrance.
No pets allowed!
Don't change the heating or the air conditioner (humifyer).
No playing with open windows.
Close the windows after a 5 minutes airing.
Any defect or irregularity shall be told to the owner.
Thank you very much!
Don't forget the code if you don't use the Steingräber&Söhne "Lisztflügel":
We prefer bookings of at least two hour blocks.

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