ConcertLab is a magnificent space designed especially for filming classical music. We believe that great audio recordings should be captured visually.

We developed the only silent indoor drone camera in the world and a unique illuminated white stage with great acoustics. We can now produce audiovisual content of unparalleled quality that is truly an extension of the music-making process.

Leading international artists come to ConcertLab to be filmed in a revolutionary way. We can record up to 8K footage, graded in true HDR, with DSD surround sound, all mastered in-house. Our infrastructure will allow 3D filming, ER and animation content, as well as experimental surround sound environments.

However, the tech-specs are never the goal. We aim for ultimate artistic freedom in a modern future proof format.


  Grand Piano
  200.0 m 2
  10 Pers.

Stornierungsbedingungen: 72 Std

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Don't bring food into the recording session.

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