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My place is something different than your typical music room: a two floors independent house (90sqm) with a beautiful garden and an old small chapel turned into a personal 12sqm studio, stuffed with music gear, instruments and noise making toys. A 16 i/o interface and audio patchbay allow you to connect in seconds any of my instruments (Fender Precision ‘78, Fender Stratocaster, clarinet, acoustic guitar, combo organs, synths and more..) or my FX (MoogerFooger Analog Delay, Strymon BigSky and Deco, Big Muff, EHX Superego…). It’s not just about analog of course: everything is connected and controllable via midi, including some special toys like the Organelle and the Dadamachines automat. An accurate and enjoyable monitoring is guaranteed by the acoustic treatment and a pair of good old Genelec 1030.
You will be free to use the other rooms in your house to set up additional recording spaces, and if you want I’d be happy to guide you to use my gear and studio so that you can make the most out of your time here.
As you can guess, this is not a rehearsal room that you use for a few hours - it is a place where you want to spend a few days, “gardening” sounds, focusing ideas, throwingdown sketches, perfect for preproduction and songwriting. This is a place where we’ll treat you as a friend: you could even bring your family and have them around while you enjoy your time with music and with them, the garden and the beautiful area.


  Keyboard, Xylophone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Bass Amplifier, Loop Machine, Zither
  12.0 m 2
  3 Pers.

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