• Keine
  • Fenster , W-LAN , Klimaanlage
  • Hall
  • 574.0 m 2
  • Up to 800 Persons
  • Professionell schallisoliert


The foyer has 80 LED slats with 12,500 LEDs over a length of 1.2 kilometers, controllable in your individually desired color play - a visual highlight upon arrival. The two side wings of the foyer can also be used as a VIP area or lounge.


A) Niche on the left
Can be ideally used as an accreditation area, as guests enter the foyer from the main entrance through the foyer entrance on the left. Storage can be used for
- Cases of the roll ups
- Additional material of the agency
- Luggage of the guests etc.

B) Niche on the right
Ideal for use as a checkroom
- up to 700 PAX; above 700 PAX divide into two
- on both niches (e.g. alphabetically; on both sides accreditation and checkroom)
- tent sharing

C) Foyer Entrance left and right
- These are not escape routes, therefore foyer exit left and right including the escape routes must remain clear (min. 3.50 m)
- Escape routes must be individually with the event manager depending on the event

D) Ladies' toilets left and right
- 10 toilets each and 6 wash basins
- Music possible
- 4 A4 frames available for branding

E) Toilets men left and right
- 6 toilets each and 9 urinals and 6 washbasins
- Music playback possible
- 4 A4 frames available for branding

Regeln Stornierungsbedingungen: 72 hrs

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