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This Church was opened in 1350. A long long time ago. The foundation of the church space was laid in 1267. Well, we assume, if Europe didn't face the pest, a.k.a the black death,
the construction could have finished a little earlier.

The walls of the church are covered with frescoes of the coats of arms of Austrian aristocratic families who either contributed to the construction of the church or are buried here.

There is a life-sized copy of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper on the church's northern wall. It is a mosaic made by the Roman mosaic artist Giacomo Raffaelli, commissioned by Napoleon I in 1809, but still unfinished upon his abdication. So, you will see an unfinished version of a copy, way too large for the Belvedere that was " donated " by Ferdinand l of Austria to the Italian congregation, weighs approximately 20 tons. Probably was a good call not to move the mosaic given the weight anyway.

Minoritenkirche was formally called Italienische Nationalkirche Maria Schnee. The site was given to the followers of Francis of Assisi. The construction of this French Gothic-style church was completed in 1350. With its rich history of many royalties that graced its hallowed halls, Minoritenkirche surely has a historic atmosphere that is great for religious concerts and recitals.

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