Viennese startup is revolutionizing the music world

•Music Traveler: The platform that provides rehearsal rooms for musicians of all styles

• Supported by international stars like John Malkovich, Adrien Brody and Billy Joel

3rd August 2019 (Pressinformation)

Amateur and professional musicians have always had difficulties finding suitable rehearsal rooms for them. There is a lack of funds or contacts, especially when traveling. The Viennese startup Music Traveler solves this problem with its platform. Be it in your hometown or in a foreign country: With just a few clicks, musicians from every genre find a fitting rehearsal room.

"We love music and we love Vienna. But for us it is always a real challenge to find the right practice rooms, especially when traveling. Hotels rarely have a piano and even as a violinist you know the problem that neighbors quickly feel disturbed", says violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Julia Rhee, who began work on Music Traveler two years ago.

International support

The idea was also well received by international stars. World-renowned musicians such as Billy Joel, Emmanuel Ax, Yuja Wang, Sean Lennon, Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer and Adrien Brody and not least John Malkovich are among the supporters of this project.

"Through my musical productions, such as Infernal Comedy and Giacomo Variations, which have taken us on tours around the world, it became clear to me how difficult it is for me and my colleagues to find good rehearsal rooms to prepare us for the performances. The potential of Music Traveler is global. It's fantastic that the startup comes from the cosmopolitan city of music, namely Vienna", says John Malkovich.

Music Traveler mediates

In Vienna alone there are 250,000 musicians and 400,000 households with musical instruments. The goal of Music Traveler is to create a connection to make music for everyone possible. For rock bands who need drums, ensembles that do not have a piano or a large room to rehearse, or producers looking for a studio to record.

With almost 5,000 registered members (as of June 2019) and an average of 150 new registrations per month, the community is growing rapidly and shows just how great the need for Music Traveler’s offer is.

This is how Music Traveler works

Music Traveler is characterized by its ease of use and efficient search. The search gives the place, the day, the time, when to practice and the instruments to be found in the rehearsal room. This is possible both via the browser and via the app. Practice rooms are no longer found only in Vienna. Since the official first launch in Austria in 2017, more followed in Germany and Switzerland. The next launches are planned for Italy (Rome, Milan), U.K (London), Japan (Tokyo) and the USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Nashville).

But Music Traveler is also the right platform if you are a non-musician but have space for musicians. Or would be happy for years, if someone would finally bring their own piano to new life. By brokering your own space, you become part of the Music Traveler family. Furthermore, all users who book via Music Traveler are automatically insured.

The next steps

"We expect to expand the Music Traveler concept to other cities in Europe and the United States, where many musicians live, work or are anchored in musical institutions. Music Traveler is designed to enable us to respond to local needs with special features, while still meeting our core business of providing the best possible practice space to our customers", says Rhee.

"Another goal of ours is to work with music schools around the world. We want to give them practice rooms while at the same time demonstrating the importance of young musical talents. We are already in concrete planning with Viennese music schools but of course the private person who owns music rooms remains a main target group. Currently, we are constantly working on an efficient calendaring system that makes all existing spaces easy to exploit and saving a lot of time and work for hosts and helping existing businesses", says Igudesman.

STEINWAY in Austria as a partner of the first hour

Music Traveler chose partnerships from the beginning. STEINWAY in Austria immediately recognized the meaning and added value of the concept and has always been represented with five grand pianos at various Viennese locations. With a special B to B leasing rate and conditions for Music Traveler, this long-established company makes an important contribution to providing high-quality instruments for our customers. With an insurance broker, an agreement was also made, which guarantees insurance with every booking - for both hosts and users.

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